Let us RE-unite

You know its been a while in between posts when you can’t even remember your log in deets! Many apologies for this time spent apart, but like I recommend the brands I consult for; step back, seek clarity and truth, and solidify YOUR vision. Now, I can’t say I have returned with all that in place, but having just blown out my very first birthday candle, I knew it was time to reconnect with my foxy followers. I thank you for you support, perseverance and unwavering persistence.

A wee while back I received some fantastic feedback in the form of this question…”what is it that you actually do?” When I (blindly) rushed into the world of business building and blogging twelve months ago, it never dawned on me to give you insight into who I am, what I have done and what I am planning on doing. I was so busy building a fashion “platform” that the common courtesy of introducing myself completely evaded me.

For those of you who aren’t actually my friends (but will be soon enough), my name is Zoe Champion and I am a Creative Consultant & Style Director. One/many/ALL of you may ask, “what does that entail…?” Over the years I have been involved in many different creative industries and have discovered which parts of them I am innately drawn to and which I am not. I have essentially created the role that fits me best. One that includes all my favourite bits of this ever-evolving industry.

I don’t have a strong grasp of Gen i and its shiny phones/pods/pads (yet), high-end fash-pack peeps in my furry pockets (yet), advertisers knocking on my den’s door (yet) or a strategy on how to develop a greater and wider following (yet). But what I do have, and will commit to, is writing to you. I will be honest, transparent and authentic. That may not be very fashionista-ry of me, but I am not here to emulate similar posts as established bloggers, I am here to open up my FMF Pandora’s box and invite you to share in my creative journey…snagged hemlines and all.

Over the coming weeks I will go back a couple of paces, set my industry record straight and regale over the milestones created since Follow Me Fox went live. Lets kick start this reunion with some pretty anniversary pics shot by my VERY talented gal pal, Vanessa Norlander. There are MANY more to come…you will know my face like the back of your hand!!IMG_1078 IMG_1099 11d 12d


Fritz Frenzy

ZephyrosI kicked off my industry new year by kicking up my heels at the Fritz Frames website launch party. Not only do they design rockin frames, but they also put on a rockin soiree. It was a kaleidoscope of cocktails, carbon fibre and coconut trees. Check out their Euro chic website to see the future through their eye (wear)…

Vera Xane Me

Vera Xane Xmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I have certainly been getting into the spirit of things…shopping carts have been locked and loaded! While “researching” gift options for my luvvies, I have also been ‘bookmarking’ my silly season faves…enters Vera Xane. I have been watching Sydney-sider, Alex Smyth-Kirk for some time now, and have recently befriended a soon-to-be Sunny Coast stockist, The VOS Boutique. I know where I’ll be sending bf for this year’s stocking fillers!!

Stella in the Clouds

Last night, London time, Stella McCartney was crowned the Queen Bee of British designs at the British Fashion Awards. It is quite the kudos to bask in the glory of the Designer of the Year accolade, but not one that surprises me. Many fashion moons ago I was extremely honoured to contribute to the inner workings of the Stella McCartney flagship PR head office. Not only did I get to follow the beginning of this stella(r) career, but I got to take the Spring/Summer 2007 Collection on a secret squirrel mission across the channel! The collection was snuck back from Paris to London for an exclusive Vogue UK shoot immediately after it was walked, but how was it ever to get back to Paris in time for all the buyers biting at the bit?!?!?! FMF + 5am Euro Star = super stealthy style mission accomplished!! Check out this clip for a (cat)walk down memory lane…I knew even then that great heights were to come. Her lines, her silhouettes, her simple yet luxurious finishes – all hail 2012’s British Designer of the Year.

Tropical Heat

The festive season is just around the corner and invitations galore have been flooding my gal pals’ inboxes. One of them is jet setting to tropical Queensland for a lush, poolside cocktail party, and didn’t have the faintest on how to rock her post-bub bod…humidity style. Check out these super foxy pieces I have pulled for her peaches and cream complexion and sky scraping height. Bardot has absolutely nailed this dress! The fabric sculpts my fox’s curves like nobody’s business, cinches her waist to an inch of her life, and showcases her green-with-envy inducing, mile high legs. Now, I am one to usually avoid white shoes like a VPL (visible panty line), but Tony Bianco has truly risen to the white heat challenge! The patent finish is slick and fresh and this simplistic, 90’s-inspired shape will be round for seasons to come…add to shopping cart NOW! What’s there to say about Peter Lang other than, “showstopper”. These gorgeous, glass drop earrings truly compliment the palette of this dress without redirecting the eye from the hero of the look – a match made in heaven…in a non-matchy match way, of course!! Last but not least, a little varnish love from the Neon elf…I couldn’t let this English Rose board without a splash of neon! Her classic beauty may naturally call for a more demure vibe, but I love to press reset on her ‘classic’ button from time to time and switch it up a notch. How are you going to switch up your style notch this silly season?!

Aisle Time

I had the most super fab weekend with one of my all time fave clients!! She is naturally attracted to slick, modern lines but never shys away from a dash of edge. The same was the case when we hit the big smoke for a bridesmaid dress shopping expedition. Lace, sequins, chiffon draping, mini studded belts…NOTHING was off the table!! I love being creative with my personal shopping clients and going from one extreme to another. It is so refreshing to work with someone who has no fear and can appreciate the difference between a look ‘working’, and a look matching. Our discoveries and hidden gem finds will remain under wraps until the big day, but check out Lanvin, Giambattista Valli and Fashionart. for our textural inspo.

Time Warp

pics courtesy of Google Images

I know, I know – it’s been forever, but I’ve been stuck in a time warp…circa 1990’s. All I see, hear and dance to is morphing into high-waisted, straight leg jeans and spaghetti straps.  Enjoy my ode to television trends of a bygone era…their shapes, silhouettes and patterns make a guest appearance in this season’s collections…no word of a fashion fib!!