Stella in the Clouds

Last night, London time, Stella McCartney was crowned the Queen Bee of British designs at the British Fashion Awards. It is quite the kudos to bask in the glory of the Designer of the Year accolade, but not one that surprises me. Many fashion moons ago I was extremely honoured to contribute to the inner workings of the Stella McCartney flagship PR head office. Not only did I get to follow the beginning of this stella(r) career, but I got to take the Spring/Summer 2007 Collection on a secret squirrel mission across the channel! The collection was snuck back from Paris to London for an exclusive Vogue UK shoot immediately after it was walked, but how was it ever to get back to Paris in time for all the buyers biting at the bit?!?!?! FMF + 5am Euro Star = super stealthy style mission accomplished!! Check out this clip for a (cat)walk down memory lane…I knew even then that great heights were to come. Her lines, her silhouettes, her simple yet luxurious finishes – all hail 2012’s British Designer of the Year.


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