Let us RE-unite

You know its been a while in between posts when you can’t even remember your log in deets! Many apologies for this time spent apart, but like I recommend the brands I consult for; step back, seek clarity and truth, and solidify YOUR vision. Now, I can’t say I have returned with all that in place, but having just blown out my very first birthday candle, I knew it was time to reconnect with my foxy followers. I thank you for you support, perseverance and unwavering persistence.

A wee while back I received some fantastic feedback in the form of this question…”what is it that you actually do?” When I (blindly) rushed into the world of business building and blogging twelve months ago, it never dawned on me to give you insight into who I am, what I have done and what I am planning on doing. I was so busy building a fashion “platform” that the common courtesy of introducing myself completely evaded me.

For those of you who aren’t actually my friends (but will be soon enough), my name is Zoe Champion and I am a Creative Consultant & Style Director. One/many/ALL of you may ask, “what does that entail…?” Over the years I have been involved in many different creative industries and have discovered which parts of them I am innately drawn to and which I am not. I have essentially created the role that fits me best. One that includes all my favourite bits of this ever-evolving industry.

I don’t have a strong grasp of Gen i and its shiny phones/pods/pads (yet), high-end fash-pack peeps in my furry pockets (yet), advertisers knocking on my den’s door (yet) or a strategy on how to develop a greater and wider following (yet). But what I do have, and will commit to, is writing to you. I will be honest, transparent and authentic. That may not be very fashionista-ry of me, but I am not here to emulate similar posts as established bloggers, I am here to open up my FMF Pandora’s box and invite you to share in my creative journey…snagged hemlines and all.

Over the coming weeks I will go back a couple of paces, set my industry record straight and regale over the milestones created since Follow Me Fox went live. Lets kick start this reunion with some pretty anniversary pics shot by my VERY talented gal pal, Vanessa Norlander. There are MANY more to come…you will know my face like the back of your hand!!IMG_1078 IMG_1099 11d 12d


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